San Diego Show is On-sale Now

The on-sale for San Diego is now live, see ticketing information below.

5/21/11: San Diego, CA - Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre

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  1. cam from new zealand

    please come and play in new zealand!!!!especially because you serj spend so much time have guys have alot of fans down here!!!!!!

  2. Max Valdes

    Hell yeah!


    SOAD PLZZ come to HOUSTON TX!!!!!!!

  4. Aldo B.

    See you in May 21th !

  5. SOAD freak!!

    I'm driving from LA to SD. I have class on Tuesdays till 9pm. So.... I'll be at SD Show!!! :D

  6. Gabe A.

    I'll see you guys in San Diego! GET PUMPED!!!

  7. nadiia

    u_u komo decearia ir :( pero desde aki les echare porrass arribaa SYSTEEM OF A DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  8. @Rob_Deez

    Saw the show in San Diego last night. Freakin awesome.

  9. Wind

    Kudos to you! I hadn't touhhgt of that!

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