Serj Performing on Leno, Tonight

Serj will be performing "Goodbye - Gate 21" on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight at 11:35/10:35c on NBC. Be sure to check it out.

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  1. b4I4get


  2. d4rk$!de


  3. jhonny

    ke mejor token todos los system en el show

  4. Rebellion166

    I cant wait for tonight now. :)

    ALthough I know this probably will never reach you guys...........and i doubt you'll even read it even if it does reach you........but i'm just asking why most bands including System skip over Winnipeg or cancel on Winnipeg?

    anyways, if this reaches you guys and nothing happens afterwards............good luck on the rest of the tour.

  5. Spider hider

    What time in Australia?

  6. soad fan

    Will you come to San Antonio Texas soon

  7. SOAD are gods!!

    Good luck serj! I can't wait 2 watch you guys play at chula vista!! Peace out to the best band to ever walk on this planet :)

  8. Egc

    sWEET i know what I'm watching!!

  9. willowstars

    awesome display of rock n roll power, true talent, expertly performed, a true professional.

  10. livinontheedge

    Yeah, I watched the performance - AND THEY REALLY SUCKED!

  11. noelle

    Good job! Loved it!

  12. ilya

    where video?

  13. jrdn

    omg he looked like his old self :D

  14. guyman

    I got to watch some of it come to toronto

  15. Guilherme lordkkaus

    Thanks for coming back to making music.
    Select tour of Brazil, and come in Recife-PE

  16. nickname

    kiero ir chinada madre

  17. system of sergio

    please one prsentation in mexico... on gdl...

  18. Aleks

    Great performance by Serj, his voice has grown more powerful and beautiful with each passing day

  19. April

    Love your performance serj..congrats....hope SOAD comes out to N.Y peace!!

  20. nickname

    Serj. my best friend and I are your fans,pleace,sing one song fore my frind....

  21. mi4i

    guys my best friend died you alll were our best musik please reunion

  22. MI4I

    gUYS,serious,my friend was wayring for a new albuml,dont fuckt up

  23. Tabah Zamn

    Yeah !! cool !!

  24. nachete


  25. Franco

    Argentina 2011 please !!!!!

  26. juners

    soad is realy good

  27. Rodz

    Serj is a god! Come to BRAZIL!

  28. sancho

    please play arizona

  29. Rumple

    System, Best Band ever. true meaning and true soul, COME TO MILWAUKEE!!!!! plz

  30. >Mason

    I am thrilled the bands back 2gthr. you all have influnced and motivated my life in more ways than one.Please continue 2 do what you guys do best. if theres something i havn't heard i'm anxious to hear it! come back to Maine tell these guys whats up cause most of em have seemed to forgot.

  31. >Mason

    serj;] elect the dead is incredible

  32. Daniel

    Soad, Please come to Rock in Rio 2011 (Brazil).

  33. T-Coats

    great performance serj! no one can sing like you, oh and while System is in Canada you should go to Toronto or at least stop by in Detroit MI so fans in Windsor can see you, please?:)

  34. soad4lifffe

    PLEAAAAAAAAAAASE come to the East Coast!!!!!!!!!!!! please please please please please :)

  35. Lekao - Brasil

    SOAD, come to Brazil yours have a lot of Fan´s Here!


    Come to Minneapolis, Gotta see ya'll, Never seen ya live, But been down since i seen "Spiders" On MTV, Back in the day!!!

  37. Michella

    SOAD rocks !!!! Please come to LEBANON there is a lot of fans waiting for you!!!!

  38. christopher pelaez

    hey soad if at all possible can you come back to orlando florida that show was fucking sick at the TD water house would love to see a show at the new amway arena

  39. koeter

    nunca han venido a mexico aki ahy muchos seguidores.!!!! please un concierto aqui estaria muy bien...!!

  40. koeter

    please mexico

  41. nicknamepsycho_morn

    enter your messageQUEBEC CITY---------------THIS SUMMER -----------

  42. leeroy

    u guys need to stop through detroit or sumwhere in michigan plzzz

  43. Élida Vitoruzzo

    I love SOAD! SOAD is the best band in the world!
    PLZ come to Brazil !

  44. Paula Malakian

    S.O.A.D. in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Rock'in Rio 2011, pleaaaase ! ♥

  45. Hugo

    If we have S.O.A.D. nothing else matters! S.O.A.D. Rock'n Rio 2011!

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