Shavo / Shred Kids' Cancer Charity

Shavo has been a supporter of the Shred Kids' Cancer Charity for 3 years in a row. This charity, which includes a benefit auction and concert, helps raise money for kids with cancer. Click HERE to check out a piece from KTLA 5 news showing Shavo's involvement.

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  1. Fmoelix

    It's really great that shavo does this kids Charity , it shows that he has a really good heart


    Fuck yea shavo

  3. Yppy

    Yeaa Shavoooo

  4. Criss Argentina

    Shavo is a great person and I admire him

  5. Moonlight

    He sets a wonderful example for all people in the community. Keep up the good work.

  6. John

    Shavo should sign a thunderbird and throw it into that auction

  7. Baru

    Fue hermozo de tu parte Shavo. Eso habla muy bien de ti.

  8. b4I4get

    its really important to think and act this way..SHAVO U CRAZY MAN TAKE SOAD AND COME TO GREECE FOR A LIVE:P

  9. HerefromSpain

    I really admire that man, he is a wonderful person as well as an amazing bass player.

  10. nickname ronald from Venezuela

    Really good !!! show how far you can go, when you have good intentions and a good hearth, keep walking in that direction and, i wish you all the success to Shavo and those wonderful kids... rock and roll forever..........

  11. Oath

    Great idea :)

    Poland wants SOAD!

  12. Poland.

    Fuck Yea.

  13. Pskndca

    It will be great if there was more people like you. Huge person, georgious heart!

  14. Alex

    You are a good man.

  15. jo

    SOAD-best band ever-cant wait to rock the fuck out this summer!

  16. mabel

    i love you

  17. Andressa M.

    Amazing, dude !

  18. skatiarhs

    good job! thaw it' s a pity that he was stoned even in an interview with kids. :p

  19. blaz

    ahh .. love that shavo .. and hes DJ-ing xDD
    but hes a legend

  20. Sarah

    Shavo Is fan-fuckin-tastic! cuz I looooove SOAD!

  21. i dont have name

    shavo u r a hero!!!!!!! ;)



  23. nickname


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  25. Rosz

    Eres genial que bueno que estes apoyando a los niños con cancer eso es bueno de tu parte

  26. nickname

    shavo rulesss

  27. "once" oner

    i think the rest of the members should do the same. Shavo your a bad ass man keep up the good work. "VIVA" soad

  28. BassMasterKJB

    God Shavo is great! i mean hes one of the few famous people who still care enough to do something like this, and not just for the publicity.

  29. Guigolov

    Very good your work Shavo!!!
    You have a big heart

  30. CupCake Master

    Shavo you are one of the few Best!!!
    Please come to Phoenix, AZ so i can see ya!

  31. Sabrii Argentina

    wow, Shavo you are amazing and you have a big heart too.
    Love You :)

  32. mike

    godbless you shavo!

  33. Vale...Una gran admiradora ;)

    :D Muy buena obra de caridad y esos niños si que son talentosos :D seran como el retorno de SOAD pero en unos pocos años jajajajajaj por que no vienen a México???? Aqui amamos su musica ;)

  34. lizz

    So great Shavo is showing us all that we can all do something for someone else.

  35. @darklolamoura

    I Love you Shavo

    There is nobody to compare with Shavo !!!!!
    You're the best!
    It has overcome thee?
    There is someone that can match


  36. @darklolamoura

    __You is not a genius
    __You're The GENIUS
    __The Best
    __The Main Man
    __The Love of my Life

  37. nikki_cool_98

    i have to say aoly to words shavo=perfect person

  38. joserdown13

    Shavo, you are a great man, and a great musician! You and your fellow brothers have been an inspiration to many. Helping kids to be differrent, better yet, to be themselves! Hope to catch you guys in Vegas! Keep up the great work. GOD BLESS!

  39. jessam

    good loock

  40. Katie

    You are really good men. There must be more people like you. Good Job!
    Come to Poland :D

  41. Kate

    Good job! I'm proud of you ;)

  42. Hopper

    very good ...
    i like .....

  43. Hopper

    i like ur band...

  44. Silvestre from Portugal, Madeira (living in UK)

    Nice job. Unfortunately I'm gonna miss you in UK this June, but I'll keep an eye on your tour and next year I'll make sure I see a Live

    Keep up with the great work

  45. monica


  46. Monica


  47. Patricia

    whoopwhoop!!!!!!! Shavo

  48. Frodo

    Come To Spain please!! Come to Spain...The Spanish need Sistem !

  49. filipe

    so muito fã de systen e so brasileiro,shavo vc e´d+

  50. x'maz

    penampilan kamu keren..
    jenggot kamu adalah ciri has kamu..
    jadi jangan di hilangkan...

  51. x'maz

    you look really cool ...
    your beard is characteristic of you ...
    System_Of_a_Down arise when a new album again?
    when will you tour to Indonesia ..
    we waiting for you ...

  52. x'maz

    you look really cool ...
    your beard is characteristic of you ...
    System_Of_a_Down arise when a new album again?
    when will you tour to Indonesia ..
    we waiting for you ...
    Come To Indonesia please!

  53. Macedo


  54. Aunt Peri

    Big thanks to Shavo for his continued support of Shred Kids' Cancer. Hope to see everyone at ShredFest4, April 7 at House of Blues Sunset Strip!

  55. Pedro Moreira

    That is fantastic Mr. Shavo!
    Cheers from Portugal :D

  56. kosza05

    sHaVo, you're an amazing person, i really love you and i hope you'll visit my country- Poland...

  57. danthe odadjian

    i love shavo i love <3

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