Benefit for Earthquake And Tsunami Relief
Efforts in Japan

For each date of the upcoming SOAD North American and EU Headline Tour, we are auctioning a pair of tickets, plus a personal lunch with John Dolmayan.

All proceeds will benefit Music For Relief’s Earthquake and Tsunami Relief efforts in Japan. Click HERE to bid now.

In addition, John will be auctioning off his personal drum kit at the end of the tour. The kit will be autographed by John and a collection of other noted drummers... More details coming soon.

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  1. D.Oberman

    I want these SO BADLY!

  2. Sach

    Love you guys. I dont know if i can, but i will try as hard as possible to get to your concert(s). You guys are amazing. And ridiculously humanitarian. Its awesome

    okay my man-crush rant is done. peace brothers

  3. SOAD fan from Wisconsin

    you guys should come to Wisconsin when your in America I have a lot of people that i know that would donate people from Wisconsin are generous

  4. Red Barn!!!!

    Don't know what to say really....Think you guy's are great love your music...Keep on rocking...thanks guy's.

    Dan Barnes

  5. KaylaButler

    This is amazing! you guys are doing such a good thing! Winning a lunch with John would be unreal!I defiantly will help raise money for japan! Can't wait to see you guys May tenth!

  6. yudi

    Soid, when you come to indonesia???

  7. leonel

    greeeat! :D

  8. Andres

    S.O.A.D forever ! (y)

  9. Baden

    I used to be really violent and angry all the time, but then i started listening to system of a down and i feel better and calmer andf happier. Thanks soad

  10. Jordison

    Va haber un concierto de System of a down? Wow!!!! eso es ecxelente. Espero que pronto saquen un disco nuevo...

  11. austin

    i have to say itd be an honor to have lunch with john dolmayan

  12. Thomas

    You guys should come down to new York!! We need some soad!

  13. aprilini

    i love you john...if i were a rich girl...i will be at the shoreline...i once screamed out i love you at the fillmore, right before roulette...26 days til i see you all again...

  14. SoaD-TomTom

    Das ist eine gute Idee !

    Freu mich auf Berlin.

    Viel spass und passt auf euren touren auch euch auf.

    Gr. Tom

  15. elliceelf

    i would giv my left eye 2 c system perform!!!

  16. Navid Golzy

    I am 18, Since i was single digit age i loved your music, I need you guys to come to Santa Fe,New mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ifnot Los Angeles California!!!!!!!

  17. xeno

    good luck guys :)

  18. Simon

    Yeah! Thats our lovely System of a Down! You go John!

  19. katie bug

    omg! U guys should so come to oklahoma!!! It would be the best show ever! I LOVE U GUYS!

  20. Thanks, its usefully for me.

  21. Panos_loves_soad!!!

    cmon... i visit the page everyday just to see if u guys are coming to greece....
    but no...maybe it will remain a dream!

  22. Thanks, it's usefully

  23. nickname

    This is what makes me wish I had money -_-

  24. Brazil

    SOAD in Brazil

  25. Nanae

    I thank you very much to your benefit.
    I live in Fukushima prefecture where a nuclear power plant exploded.
    My town(Fukushima-city) is not the direct damage,
    but We have to fight unwilling against discrimination to come from fear
    and ignorance of the radioactivity.
    Even now I believe our hometown will come right,good environment.
    I have a trust that all refugee from east japan (especially Fukushima)
    can return them hometown.Because the people all of the world encourage
    and help us.
    Please come east japan and act your beautiful performance,someday.
    Thank you.

    Fan of your band since listen to Chop Suey!

  26. checkergirl

    You guys rock! From one fellow Armenian to are amazing musicians as well as amazing men! Keep up the good work!


    I love them, but I live in Mexico, so very lucky wins, are the best band in the universe, his music is always with me through thick and thin. I LOVE SOAD!, I LOVE YOU SERJ!, I LOVE YOU Daron!, I LOVE YOU SHAVE! I LOVE YOU JOHN

  28. Interesting thinking...

  29. gabriel

    Here is a Hello from Brazil!!We love SOAD!!

  30. Interesting thinking.

  31. Deadreaver

    Your music changed me to social and happy person im right now, i also got my first frends while listening to your music, thanks for turning my life to better!

  32. b4I4get

    SOAD please come to GREECE!

  33. Chelsea

    Man, you guys will always be the greatest band in my heart, haha. Thanks so much for everything, the amazing-beyond-words-music, contests (especially on Serjs' site, woah!), the chance of being able to see you guys play live, all these amazing things you do, and just the beauty, energy and hope your music brings.

    Thank you soad!

  34. spirit

    Greetings everyone,
    just wanna say that you guys ROCK! I realy liked "Such a Lonely Day" it's just AWESOME
    thanks so much again and please accept my small thanks letter ^^

  35. matt

    Love SOAD but seriously, come to orlando, florida. there's never been a band out there like you guys and you need to come here and play. please.

  36. dany

    I like SOAD, you guys really wanted to touch in Brazil!

  37. soadlover3942

    you guys are awesome, please stay together for as long till the world ends...ill see you guys in San Deigo.


  38. Tanjung SFIC

    OMG thats good, SOAD please come to INDONESIA.!!

  39. nickname

    why aren't u guys touring in the midwest

  40. Edinho

    I Love System Of A Down

  41. Mel

    Its it's amazing that you're doing this... please come to Mexico

  42. ThomasCruz

    hey guys wanna say that y'all are the shit my girlfriend and I love y'all she got a tattoo I want the band to see I'm on facebook if you guys want to see it please check it out she would really love that my address for facebook is hope you guys read this


    Wish you guys could come to El Paso, TX. Its full of System heads.

  44. Raven

    i cant wait!!! soad the best!!! see you all in san Diego!!! woo!!!

  45. Hurricane

    San Diego im there!!!! woo!!! my first SOAD concert ever cant wait!!!! forever SOAD!!!!

  46. Gunnk Pukke

    S.O.A.D, when you visit Indonesia . ????????
    I'm waiting for you..........
    S.O.A.D 4ever

  47. TheAlmightyBeanChild

    You guys need to come to Ottawa or mtl!!!!!

  48. systemboy

    please come to Central Europe, namely Hungary, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE you, so Serj, Shavo so on, Daron so on, so john, SYSTEM OF A DWON so on ..... Hungary: :Đ

  49. nickname

    Ambrosio Plaza

  50. Ambrosio Plaza

    Ambrosio Plaza

  51. G-UnitJesse

    U guys need to come to Australia for a tour and do an all ages show near Gympie!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

  52. Dim.

    wow that's awesome!
    you need to come in grreece!
    love you guys! keep rocking! :)

  53. Octava

    SOAD, we want more Live Video HQ ! PLSEASE!


    SYSTEM OF A DOWN megustaria k saquen un nuevo album mejor con el bajo luciendose la guitarra tenga solos pero mas brutales y dificiles ,la bateria poderosa y grande y la voz mejor k nunca, superen slipknot,linkin park , korn y marilyn manson demuestren k son la mejor banda del hard rock y metal alternativo y por fa vor vengan a mexico los espero

  55. nessuno

    for me...this reunion is for money

  56. Tanya

    You have such a following in Texas. Come to San Antonio or Austin... preferrably San Antonio. Plllleeeeaaaassssseeeeeeee.

  57. naweeedd

    those drums look sick!!!ive been looking for some drums for a while now and i think these would be prefect for my skill level :D

  58. Ehmurr

    When are you coming to Australia??? Hurry up and get your shit together and come here! We need to support Japan too!

  59. fankid

    when you go at sud-america??

  60. Carissa

    I absolutely love you guys!!!!
    Your Music is powerful and inspiring.
    I hope you come to Texas or somewhere close by so that i can have an opportunity to see you play live :)
    Keep up the good work guys!!!
    I know i speak for others when i say We are glad your back!!!!!!

    <3 Carissa

  61. deniska

    у нас в россии выступает system of a down урааааааа


    Show de bola .



  64. chriswithaplan

    I think it's great you're doing this for japan, I'm going there tomorrow!! I work in Christchurch, NZ however and would so love you guys to come and play here!!! We need cheering up too! xxx

  65. omar

    S.O.A.D vengan a visitar a mexico a qui a hay mucha gente que los espera con muchas ansias en verdan una buena banda

  66. yagami

    espero que o system, faça algo de bom esté ano!

  67. Jeferson

    hello guys from SOAD I am Brazilian Jeferson New Progress To'm bigger fan of you
    you are very fucking my dream was to win a battery of high-spelled John
    worth so that you continue humanitarian

  68. nick

    I so happy you guys reunions. I miss your song, your song 'bout propaganda or somethings else.
    please stay together. And please come to Indonesia

  69. pedro

    come to mexico!!!! wtf ru waiting???????

  70. Cristian dona

    Hi Jhon!. You are my fouvorite drummer!!. I admire you very so much at long time!. I have 17 years old, and Soad is very important for me... Your songs very real to the problems of the world , and this is very important. Since Buenos Aires, Argentina, We love you jhon all peoples fanatic of Soad. PLEASE come here they to argentina in 2011?!! Bye!!

  71. Fabiano Lobo de Almeida Junior

    Por Favor, venham no Rock in Rio no Brasil. Meu sonho é ir a um show da SOAD!!! Vocês são muito bons!!! Se Vocês vierem concerteza irei ver o show!!!

    Rock in Rio no Rio de Janeiro de 23 de Setembro a 2 de Outubro.


    Please come at Rock in Rio in Brazil. My dream is to go to a concert of SOAD! You're very good! If you'll surely come see the show!

    Rock in Rio in Rio de Janeiro from September 23 to October 2.

  72. pedro

    come to mexico!!!!!!!!!

  73. Chiny

    Please come to Costa Rica please ... You have a lot of fans who would like to see you here! Take a tour in Central America please ... SOAD is the best!!! \m/



  75. load of soad

    I will die for those tickets I love u guys love you John come to New Jersey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! b


    soad in brazil. *-* i love system ♥


    I'll be there in the rock in the river, just to see you guys thought it would not be possible, but we must not give up our dreams.

  78. nickname

    come to pa:)

  79. nickname

    la banda estas su per chinba eslo mejor en la musika y espero q sigan hasy
    se lo digo de todo corazon jaajjajjajajja att YORDIS the KRATER ..o..k... un gran fasn des de colombia suerte con lo q sigue

  80. Cmon On Soad!

    Woooot going to see you at dowlaod!


    They are so anxious for the Rock In Rio *-*
    I only go to see you ...
    It will be unforgettable ...

  82. Chiny

    Please, come to Costa Rica!!! I love SOAD to death!!!


    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    I shall never forget your kindness.

    we want to see SOAD

  84. SOADAKIS greece -athens




  86. Niel

    Infelizmente não consegui comprar meu ingresso para o Rock In Rio
    Mas Espero Ter Outra Oportunidade de Ver O Show de Vocês!!

    Sou Grande Fã de Vocês,Parabéns!!

    Venham Para Recife \o/

  87. nastia

    plz come to greece.. :(

  88. DIET@

    Hy guys !

    Why don't you play more gigs in Germany ? Berlin is already sold out - can't you arrange more dates ? Looking forward to your new album - I think it's going to be amazing. Stay the way you are - love you guys, your music and your attitude

  89. chris

    u should totaly come to henderson kentucky when u come to back to the U.S., that would be the most amazing thing in the history of man

  90. greece fan!


  91. allthatca

    These guys are true genius! Who else in history has EVER written lyrics or music as unique as SOAD?? I can never get over how ingenius they are. Can't wait to see you guys for my 4th time next Saturday!!!! Wonder if my son is sorry he turned me on to you 8 years ago, HA!

    ~Love from a 51 y/o mother

  92. emo girl

    I love SOAD and them songs!They're awesome I wish you guys could come to Bosnia!I wish it so badly.You are the GREATEST BAND EVER!

  93. reda

    i lik this style ; end this style is a neo metal;

  94. jaqueneirelly

    Staff because you have not come to Brazil and do that show.I love you.

  95. jaqueline

    I can not go to the Rock in Rio but come back to see you guys do more shows for you has many fans in Brazil, Uberlândia / MG, as everywhere in the world. I love you people very much ...

  96. Rodri S0ad

    Come to mexico,monterrey pliiz we love you :D.. we all waiting for you

  97. Elg

    You guys HAVE to come back to Ontario, Canada especially soutern Ontario. I am so jacked that you guys are back and touring.

  98. fRUity

    *ChOp SUEy

  99. elias cynical lie

    keridos S.O.A.D porfavor se los pido aki en chile ahy miles de fanaticos somos muxo para no poder ver su regreso porfavor ya k estaran en rio de janeiro porfavor vengan a chile se los pedimos como parte mia yo los estimo me encanta k esten juntos son unos de los grupos k mas me gustan los escuxo desde k tengo 5 añitos ahora tengo 16 y kiero verlos pork ivan a venir pero no pudieron pero ojala vengan a chile porfavor se los ruegos

  100. Darkill

    come to greece pls!!!!:/

  101. tek nastia

    soad come to greece.. we love you !!!!!! :)

  102. Darren

    Hey guys i can't wait for you's to do an east coast tour i want to see you guys live so badly you don't even know, it saddened me that you didnt have any your dates on the east coast Prov. Boston area, but i hope you guys will soon, and come out with a new album, good luck on the tour guys you rock



  103. Nenyss Dolmayan

    21/05/2011 the best day of my life, thanks SOAD, amazing show :D

  104. Anonymous

    come to spain

  105. Joni

    Au uechveli mivdivar. mara fuli midna da tu ar momcemt mashin me tqveni dedebi movtyan ! ;)

  106. /h3adshOteR].*

    S.O.A.D When you visit GEORGIA ??
    I am waiting for you..
    Pleaze Came to hear. :(
    I <3 S.O.A.D
    S.0.A.D For Ever !!

  107. alan

    hey guys i drove from houston to albuquerque just to see you live and those 14 hours were worth it you fucking rockkkkkkkkk best show i've ever been please como to houston we are waiting for you i will go and see you again and please keep kicking asssssssssssss

  108. Juan Arroyo Lopez

    Come to Spain there are many fans would fill the whole concert

  109. Rahl Cahoons

    Come tour anywhere in the western U.S. PLEASE I will drive anywhere within 24 hours from Utah ANYWHERE!

  110. Dude/Brasil

    These drumms will cost thousands, I want them so bad

  111. Brasilian F****** Fan

    Come to São Paulo/Campinas and SWU, your kind of event Save the World... I'll go and half of the people I know will too, you are the most loved band in Brasil and I miss an album release from you guys

  112. tonos!

    come to greece!^^ we really need you here guys!:)

  113. Mehmet Feridun ÖNTAN

    İ love you brothers im from turkey but my father is armenian and my mother is Bulgarian when i listen SOAD in School The Director Kicked Me School And He Atack ME For That....
    But İ Like Soad And İ need Help :S Because The Turkish Peoples Doesnt Like Me He Trying To Assimilate Me and My Family Please Help SOAD :((

  114. Pablo garcia

    Por favor vengan a VENEZUELA, se los pido son mi grupo favorito y de muchos aqui en este pais vengan ahora que regresaron si no lo hacen ahora no lo hacen nunca. por favor vengan a VENEZUELA!!! VIVAAA EL ROCKKKKKK

  115. maiarma

    When three years ago we set ourselves the goal of someday seeing you live, we seriously doubted whether it would ever be possible. But it has been! We are four friends who have traveled from San Sebastian to Milan to see you as many many other Basque and Spanish people!

    The concert was, frankly, of 10, you, the best, the setlist, amazing, but the sound ... The sound ... A pity ... What a pity!

    Come closer, please! Madrid, Barcelona, even Bilbao! Pleeeeeaaaaseeeeee!!!!! We want to see you again, and above all, LISTEN TO YOU again!!

  116. Caty Huggler

    vocês viram realmente ao SWU no brasil??
    espero que sim!!

  117. candou

    Hello guys, I've been to your concert in Paris yesterday... amazing !!! I'll remember this wonderful moment all my life along. I've come from Belgium (4+4 hours by car... but with my father driving) and I have no regret :) you are the first metal band I discovered, and your music has really changed my life . I want to thank you all for everything you brought to me, my life would'nt be so happy without System Of A Down. Thanks Serj, thanks Daron, thanks Shavo, thanks John !!! :D

    Hope I'll see you one day in Belgium, you have lots of fans ! A friend of mine told me "I hate you" seeing my wonderful T-shirt today ;)
    But in Belgium or somewhere else, I'll come again for another (or many other) of your concerts. Thank you so much and see you ASAP !!!

  118. Piotr

    When a concert in Poland (Warsaw)? please

  119. nenyss


  120. piotrek

    Come to Poland!

  121. Flagirl

    You guys need to come to the U.S.A!!!! Especially FLORIDA!!!

  122. mx_dude199

    SOAD on NOVAROCK in austria!!!!
    thanks a lot for the best concert i´ve ever seen!!
    SOAD i love you, thanks for the reunion!!!!!

  123. roulette maman

    that we exist and we are real .. SOAD fans Indonesia

  124. Alex_rocker

    I'am enthusiastic very very much for the rock in rio but i can't go for what i'am living in Venezuela just now and all the tickets are sould. ahhhhh!!!!!!!
    i belive what I think you can come to Venezuela someday. i belive this all day. good bye Venezuela rockers await....

  125. near

    say hello first you are the best, I'd be very, very well come to Spain we are all waiting for the great system of a down greetings from Spain

  126. DER

    Simplemente gracias por hacerme tan feliz.
    LOS AMO CON EL ALMA!!! = )..


  127. magri

    the show on Catanduva Brasil is realy?

    i´m brasilian and i dont talk inglish very well, sorry.

  128. awesom niggle macaroni

    u guys should do a u.s. tour every one misses u guys and your music
    alright my bromance is done try to tour u.s. macaroni out

  129. El Uva

    SOAD eres grande, metallica, iron maiden te quedan cortos, es el mejor grupo, porfavor vengan a México (Monterrey) sería como un sueño hecho realidad, porfavor, vengan para que vean que aqui no solo son tacos y mariachi, sino que vivimos el metal como nadie...

  130. mona


  131. niya

    I want to see the show of S.O.A.D before die in japan.

  132. manjo

    great to see u guys back agnn ur recent shows were kick ass hope to see u guys cumn down to india in the futuree cheers!!!!!

  133. Yobba

    The people in Australia are in need of sum SOAD madness please don't leave us out

  134. Nadin - POLAND

    Awesome show in Wuhlheide ! Im fanatic of SOAD, we really need you HERE in Poland :) Times changed and people too, there are a lot of fans here, please comeee and kill rock n roll once again ! :D

  135. sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i luv u SERJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    did someone already win the john dalmayans drums set???????? that would totally suck if someone already did i luv system of a down!!! i love the song psycho!!! and im obsessed with serj tankian!!!!!!!!!!! I LUV UR MUSIC!!!!!!!!!

  137. sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    o and ur concert at the shoreline amphitheatre was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u rock! the first system of a down song i heard was byob and i fell in luv with it evr since then ive luved music and that was wen i was lik 8!!!!!

  138. sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    serj u shood make a song called sarah cuz lik thats the best name ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    except ur name is pretty kool 2!

  139. sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    u shood go 2 monterey california cuz no! famous ppl go ther u shoood stay at embassy suits and then perform randumly lik at embasssy suits pr u shood hav another contest 2 enter wer we can meet u serj tankian and hav lunch with u then we can get ur autograph and take a pic with u that wood b lik the bestest day of my fricken LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. giovanni

    quiero ke system of a down venga a chile pliss

  141. David

    You guys should come to seattle in washington or come some were near there so I can finally see you live for once in life.

  142. nickname

    serj tankian the besttttttttttttttttttttttttt dzaan magaria soadi erti suli maq axali albomi gamovides saluqa from georgia

  143. saluqa

    system of a domn the bestttttttttttttttttttt. dzaaaan magrebi xart rodis gamova axali albomi erti suli maq soad 4everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  144. saluqa

    serj the best

  145. kno_malakian-Mexico

    come to mexico, it would be great if they come first, do not know how many fanes have here, we hope!!!!

  146. sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    go to monterey california no famous ppl go there it aint fair just go there and perform and the monterey fair grounds plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i luv u guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. Supreme Great Grand Master Lord Jucicy J.D. Double-Licious

    Can't wait for you guys to hit the States, good to see you guys coming together to help the people of Japan.

  148. Supreme Great Grand Master Lord Jucicy J.D. Double-Licious

    Can't wait for you guys to hit the States, good to see you guys coming together to help the people of Japan. I know it will be an GREAT show fo sho!!!!

  149. Emi vottero

    Argentina waitting for you SOAD desde cordoba!

  150. Golfwang85

    Oh my god! I have to eat lunch with john!!!!! Hes my idol and the reason why i started to play drums!!

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