Important Notice to Ukraine fans:

System Of A Down is NOT confirmed for a Kyiv show.
Dates that are not announced or listed on are NOT confirmed by us. Please be aware of fake postings.

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  1. nick johnson's name

    too bad
    Paul McCartney left Ukraine extremely pleased. Don't know how Muse and Pete Doherty felt, but you are far more popular than them. You'll love your visit here, by all means.

  2. dm4

    so sad...((((

  3. Ise

    If there any chances, that you ever came to Kyiv?

  4. My cock is much bigger than your!

    WHY??????????????WHY??????????? I hoped so much!!!!!!
    I thought we would go to your party have a real good time, dancing in Kyiv blowing up the sunshine!!!!!!!!

    Thouthands of people are waiting for you. Please, don`t forget about us.

  5. Soadashot

    What about ARMENIA!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Волиняка

    Whi? ? Pleas,,COME TOO UKRAIN!!!!

  7. xdalox

    please come to chile to the maquinaria festival

  8. Vader


  9. HelenTankan

    so...there is no hope?

  10. UA93


  11. sugar

    why??? this is stupid!!!
    we are waiting for you!!!
    System Of A Down!!!

  12. Squall

    pls. come to Donetsk on Donbass Arena, a lot of fans will be happy ^_^

  13. officialserj

    Helen, there is always hope but right now there are no plans on Ukraine

  14. AlexFromUkraine

    No ... How ?
    I really hope for SOAD concert .
    But now I don't lose my hope and know , System Of A Down
    Come to Kiev !
    Please don't forget about us !
    I , my friends , my city , my country love's you !
    We really hope to concert in Kiev!

  15. Semon


  16. nickname alexandre

    please come to georgia

  17. polishfan

    please come to POLAND!!!!!!!

  18. Сфеднослав

    Отвисаем на галимом)

  19. Taras

    COME TO UKRAINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Otília

    please, come to Hungary to Budapest!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. МАкс

    Сука, с нашей властью к нам некто не хочет ехать(((

  22. Otília Buleová

    come to Hungary!!!!!!!we love you SOAD!!!!!!please!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!

  23. Arsene Mkrtchyan

    SOAD!! Please, go to Armenia with concert)) please)) in august)))
    and i wait your in MOSCOWWWW!!!

    with love and peace))

  24. ja

    please come to Poland!!! please !!!

  25. addios


  26. Dmitrich

    When SOAD doesn't go to Ukraine, than Ukraine goes to see SOAD. I have seen you in Paris-Bercy last week. Was awesome! Till next time in Ukraine then....

  27. Hugo

    Dear SOAD!!!
    After ending of building of NSC Olimpiyskiy in Kyiv you could perform a concert on this stadium with capacity 70 000. You can earn a great benefit from this concert. Ukraine extremely loves you till this time...

  28. Pedro


  29. Sic!.

    omg people what are you waiting for? You think that SOAD will read these comments and think "hey guys maybe we should go to Ukraine?" (I hope for it). Ukraine always in ass especially during world tour of a good band.

  30. Otília Buleová

    come to Slovakia to Streda nad Bodrogom!!!! haaha

  31. Maksim

    Please coming into Ukrain. SOAD forever!

  32. Goga

    SOAD come to the Kyiv


    Please system of a down ... come to Argentina, we will give you what you deserve. People around the country will go to see them ... calm come next year, but please come.

    We love you, Argentina.

  34. JesterN20

    SOAD, Ukraine wants you! Remember Serj?

  35. soadfan_dz

    Nothing in East Coast of U.S. planned???Chicago, New York...we miss you serj...

  36. Саня

    System!!!!!!!! Kyiv waits for You!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Alexander

    But still we hope...

  38. Roman

    No bigbarabam in Kiev? this is so saaad...

  39. Lux

    Please come to Kiev ))))))))))) here you are waiting for ))))))

  40. Mcx

    POLAND!!! PLS!!!

  41. Taki183

    We'll be waiting!

  42. nicknameG

    COME TO HOLLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. David

    Czech!!!!! or Poland!! PLS!!! :-)

  44. Dual Sim Handys

    Dual Sim Handys
    Nothing in East Coast of U.S. planned???Chicago, New York...

  45. прозвище

    войдите в свое сообщение

  46. cro20

    POLAND please, please, please!!!

  47. Stefan

    We want SOAD in Poland! We have vodka and bigos :)

  48. Irina

    Any news about Ukraine?

  49. Дэман

    Ребята это точно , с нашей политикой хер кто то приедет .
    А еще эти поляки , мало того что они вон все статусы на.
    фейсбуке откомментировали Джону Долмаяну , так еще нагло в наших новостях пишут что бы приехали в Польшу или Словакию
    Блин ребята вы в Евросоюзе , какого хрена вы не можете поднять
    свои задницы и к примеру поехать в Париж на их концерт , или поехать на тот Rock am Ring , нет надо писать что приедьте к нам ! Была бы Украина в Евросоюзе , мы на всех концертах и побывали !
    Поляки нам еще ч вом Евро 2012 вместе пережить нужно!

  50. Ukrainian fan

    We are waiting for you Come please

  51. dv1983

    You can't doubt anymore - Kiev will be fulfilled with your fans. I left Moscow concerto with hope - to see you in Kiev. It will be amazing, I promise!..

  52. safrizs

    come to indonesia pleaaaaaaase...........

  53. austinite

    hey you guys coming to the us? just wondering it would be sick if you came to Texas i know so many people who would go

  54. Soadfan

    come to argentina!!

  55. ungarin

    Rammstein are not come to Kyiv,SOAD aren't too
    why do you not love Ukraine

  56. Alex L

    Rammstein, Korn, Metallica, and not only they, were in Kiev! When you arrive you will not regret! In Ukraine, a lot of your fans, so that the concert will be not less than the above group. Ukraine has a powerful promotion group, so that from the commercial side is also beneficial.
    I do hope your visit!

  57. your faithfully

    I was so glad, when I herd that fake new...When I missed Rammstein's, 30 seconds to Mars' and more other bands' concerts, I sworn I wouldn't miss Your one...But You don't even give a chance...

  58. Rulaf

    Go to UKRAINE!!!

  59. MainUA-FAN

    Укр фани заходьте на slivki точка at точка ua. І будемо разом тягнути Україну на вищий рівень, потім затягнемо сюди наших улюблених system of a down. ААААА. Обожнюю цю групу. Заходьте на український портал, який я написав вище. Будемо вирішувати проблему разом! А також трахнемо поляків в зад. Щоб не мішали нам!

  60. mkyurchev

    we are waiting you in Kyiv! go to Ukraine, PLS!!!

  61. Gabriela

    I think that you're welcome everywhere .Here in Roumania you have so many fans, waiting that their dream come true.......To see SOAD live in concert.I love you so much, You have taught me to appreciate me for me to be treasured by others, to accept life and its evils, without forgetting to live fully. Even if you do not come to Romania, I am grateful that you exist. God be with you.

  62. zg

    Hey! We wait for you in Ukraine. Try to understand, so much fans wait's for you!

  63. Luciano Felipe Alves

    Huuummm !!! bem eu acho que voce deveria ir nós bairro mais pequeno eu seii que voces nao fala Português mais a gente merece um show de verdade nao musica de bicha nois que adrenalina, força, amor, e paz System Of A Down sou seuu fã sou do brasil CIDADE Sinop no bairro Alto Da Gloria pow voces estao akie no meu coração voce que deixa ele bater mais rapido eas suas musica são show de bola em fica com deus que eu to indo nessa Ok's :D Bjs by: Loverogue

  64. Ukrainian System of a down fan.

    We are waiting for you in Ukraine ... Do not forget about our country, please ...

  65. nicknamejesus

    mexxxxico please

  66. Heber of a down

    Jum :-@ No es justo

  67. Sasha

    Come to Ukraine!!!

  68. UkraineMan

    Serj,and S.O.A.D. please,go to Ukraine,we like you,sorry but i dont cool speak English,or Americaan=(

  69. goroskob

    Here was Paul McCartney, here was Robert Plant, here were Antrax, Magadeth and Slayer, here were Scorpions and many other famous rock and metal bands.

  70. nicka

    COME TO UKRAINE! Please!

  71. Yura

    Pity those who bought tickets to the concert, which will not.
    S.O.A.D., we are waiting for you in Ukraine!

  72. neveragain

    hey guys armenia!!!!!!!!!

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