Thank You Brazil

Thank you to all of our Brazilian fans for making us the most voted for band to play Rock in Rio 2011. We hope to see you all again very soon…

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  1. Carlos_Eo

    Back again to Brazil! We need more System of a Down!
    Thank YOU, for the best concert ever in Brazil. We are so happy about you accept our invite to go to Rock in Rio.

    Thank you!

  2. Ana Carolina Ribeiro

    Thanks SOAD! Thank you for providing the best weekend of my life!
    Brazil loves you, I love you! ♥

  3. Alan Pereira

    Thank you, guys, for giving us the best concerts we've seen in our lives.
    I also want to thank Sako and Dennis for welcoming us so kindly at the hotel.
    We will never forget these two wonderful days. Thanks

  4. luiz_felipe024

    é nóis que brilha mulecadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. Braga

    I´ve been to a lot of concerts in my life... and honestly... The show in São Paulo was the best live presentation I have ever seen. It was absolutely perfect technically, emotionally... and the ideology of the band just makes it all even better. Since 99 it´s been my life band. So much stuff in our lives are relate to the songs. Thank you guys for doing what you do.

  6. Jefferson Modesto

    Please don't forget us, we will never forget you all and this legendary day! I always said that I could see you someday, and it's become true. You were awesome, let's jump around again!

  7. Marcelo Zeller

    You are always welcome!! I went to both shows and it was insane!! I hope you come back really soon!!

  8. Ed

    Thank You guys!
    The show was amazing!!!

  9. Bruno

    I helped so much voting, but I can't go to Rock In Rio. Just knowing that you were in Brazil it's a amazing feeling. I hope that in the next visit you come to the south, in Porto Alegre. haha
    System, Brazil Loves YOU!

  10. @lazalinOS

    Thanks for making the Rock In Rio an unforgettable show for all of us Brazilian fans! We are very grateful to share this moment with us! Were thirteen long years of waiting, but certainly well worth it won! We love you SOAD!





  13. Mah

    I think you understood how anxiously Brazilian fans were waiting for SOAD!
    I went to the São Paulo’s show; it was a dream coming true…. And, at Rock in Rio’s stage, u made that one hundred thousand people go crazy. I’ve been a fan for eight years, and ur visit was the greatest gift ever. Thanks n come back soon!

  14. Leo Lorusso

    The best show EVER!!! everybody that gone to the show had a real good time. Thank you guys. Hope see you back in Brasil soon. THANK YOU!!!

  15. Flavia Vieira

    It was a wonderful night! Please, come back as fast as you can!

    PS: you'll always be welcome =)

  16. Andressa

    Thank YOU for coming and for the amazing concert! Please come back really really soon!


    Muito legal o show mais eu nao pude ir >:D
    serao muito bem vindos ao brasil >> RIO DE JANEIRO << VOLTEM SEMPRE


  18. bethlove

    vcs sao os caras!!!!!!


    TANK YOU SOAD!!!!!!!
    ROCK IN RIO 2011!!!! EU FUI!!!!!

  20. Rodrigo Velhor - @RodrigoVelhor

    I show in Sao Paulo and was damn good.

    The show was great. Fucking good!

    Congratulations to all of the band and come back soon ....

  21. Rodrigo Velhor

    I show in Sao Paulo and was damn good.

    Congratulations to all of the band and come back soon ....


  22. Rodrigo Velhor

    Parabéns pelo som SOAD. Esse 30 de setembro ficará na história.

    Voltem logo!!!


  23. Charyse

    Obrigada pelo melhor dia da minha vida. Foi inesquecivel.
    O Brasil ama vocês.
    SOAD ROCK IN RIO 2013 !!!

  24. Letícia Medeji

    Thank you for the best show of my life!!! It was amazing!!!!!!! Come bak to Brazil soon!!!

  25. Bruno Sabec

    Congratulations S.O.A.D that made the show in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and I was there was too much, without words, come back soon. Thank you very much

  26. Anderson

    sejam bem vindos ao Brasil... vocês são os melhores! espero ver vocês novamente aqui!

  27. jeee

    Thank you to come to Brazil System Of A Down!
    I saw you in Sao Paulo, and I went to Rio just to saw you!
    The best show EVER! System, we love you, we hope see you here soon!!!!

  28. marinaluz1

    Amazing concert of ROCK IN RIO!!!!!!!! Thank's S.O.A.D!!!!!!!!

  29. Camila Morelli

    Thank you guys!!! I know that someday my wish would come true... I hope see you again in São Paulo!

  30. Drikaa

    Love you system

  31. Thiago

    Best show ever!!!
    came back again, you guys are very very wellcome, for shows or not :)

  32. ÁLEX


  33. Vitor Oliveira

    Thank YOU for this amazing concert! Specially for Daron and Shavo that were the ones I could take a photo in the airport without being puched by a giant safeguard... lol.... Anyway, the concert was great and thank you all for it, the whole Brazil will be waiting for you

  34. Desirée

    Hey guys, the show was incredible and I hope to return very soon!

    Foi emocionante, incrível, inacreditável !!

    Meninos, nunca deixem de fazer o SOAD acontecer !

    Thanks for night !!!

    I loved ♥

  35. Letícia

    I've been on the show in São Paulo and sincerely, the public who attended this show was there ONLY TO SEE THEM (unlike the audience at Rock in Rio), do not forget it in your next comment.

    We are sad because it seems like the only show in Rio de Janeiro was it important for you ...

  36. Letícia

    Well, I waited nine years time (I know and like the band) to see them and realized that dream (I was less than 10 meters from the stage at the show in São Paulo).

    Keep following and hoping that your career is long. And if one day come back, I'll be there again.

  37. Gian - São Paulo/Brazil

    I waited 10 years to see you ... as I was hoping you rock and really was a pleasure.
    Sao paulo and I hope the return of you. The Best SHOW. Thank you.

  38. Rafael Carvalho - São Paulo/Brazil

    Thanks System Of A Down for this wonderful show.
    Rock in Rio 2011. I WAS!


    Thanks for making reality the dream of you watch the show. Have been waiting years for this wonderful and unforgettable day. BRAZIL waits with open arms for another show.

  40. Henrique - São Paulo

    Soad, Thanks for the best show in the world ..
    It was unforgettable, thank you for the excitement and joy of madness, surely the best band in rock in rio 2011.
    And hope to see soad new Rock in Rio in 2013.

    Soad Thanks .. Venhão and more often than you will always be welcome.

    Embrace for the best band in the world ....

  41. wanderson - são paulo

    I'm from out of town but could not miss the best band in the world doing the best presentation of the Rock in Rio 2011.
    Went down in history as a fantastic show like this, and surely you will be at Rock in Rio 2013 ..

    You guys rock and thanks for this show too crazy ..


  42. Karina - Rio de Janeiro

    Back to Brazil SOAD
    We love u <3

  43. Vander Amorin

    Thank you for the best weekend of my life!
    Brazil love you guys!!

    - Vander Amorin //Site of a Down

  44. Marciow

    Thanks guys for the best show of my life. I hope to see many other shows of you here! The Brazil loves you, keep coming back! (And it was the best birthday present I could have kkk)

  45. Tânia Milanese

    Espero que voltem em breve para a alegria de nós brasileiros!!! Amo vocês.

  46. gabriel pires borges

    nunca abandonei o system msm quando estavam parados eu falava pros amigos e ouvia o dia todo . soad eterno

  47. Marlon "soik" Almeida

    System of a Down got long time to come to Brazil, but you guys made the wait more than worth! You were amazing! The best concerts for thousands people's life, for sure! I just can't stop remembering all the special crazy moments from both concerts, would certainly be greatest memories to carry for the rest of the life!! Only System of a Down can do this! You rocks! Hope to see you guys more and more times over here. BRAZIL DOES LOVE SYSTEM OF A DOWN!

  48. Alexandre

    Tanks a lot System. I great Shavo, Daron, Serj and John by your exelent performance. Every one there feel the energy that you send for us.

  49. @JehRockBrasil

    Eu amo muito vocês SOAD e espero ansiosamente o retorno de vocês , não só eu mais o brasil inteiro !! Continue nos fazendo muito feliz e contagiando nossas vidas , saudações aos melhores do planeta ♥

  50. @JehRockBrasil

    Would do anything for you, have no idea what I can .. but it was so fast, unfortunately no program can provide a fan the opportunity to be with you even for a moment, as if I had the opportunity to not miss it and you would see what could for you, but soon returned I'm sure it would be here and hopeful for my dream love you so much big kiss !! ♥

  51. @JehRockBrasil

    Perhaps you were not expecting all this but know that they saw him here is nothing compared to what the fans are able for you ! The Brazil loves you, already feel a great emptiness you are my big reason to stay alive, I really want to come back as fast as possible .. I do not tire of saying I love you ! ♥

  52. Toninho do Diabo

    You have no frills, you make real music! Best band of the last decades. With simple arrangements you make the harder sound of the last time!

  53. Gaviões da fiel

    Soad a melhor banda de rock do mundo!!! Vocês são a melhor banda que eu já vi !!! sou fa nota 10 de toxicity etc.

  54. Karine Azevedo

    I always had hope that you come one day in Brazil.
    The presentation of St. Paul was the fulfillment of a dream.
    Thank you. Hurry back!

    Big hug.

  55. Chrysrock

    tanks , S.O.A.D ....

  56. Hig.souza_BR

    Congratulations ... played a lot in Rock in Rio! I could not go to the show but followed by the TV ... and I was crazy when I heard "Aerials" and "Lonely Day" .... apart from the others. rsrsrs ...
    I hope to come back to Brazil as soon as possible!
    Congratulations to all the Band!


    Back to BRAZIL !

    PLEASE !!!

    WE NEED YOU !!!!

  58. Douglas Lopes - Toddy.

    Thank System ... You are the best in the world! It was the best day of my life! You have to go back. I can already tell that I was the best show of the best band in the world, I went to a show of System Of A Down - Rock in Rio - Very fucking.

  59. Jablas

    I went to the show in rock in rio and today I saw for de 6th time on youtube!

    Really, Tks a lot for coming to Rio! You guys need come back! It was the best show ever! I was waiting years for that day!

    Thank you guys!!!


  60. Gean Carlos

    Simplesmente vcs são os Melhores
    Voltem Logoo ao Brasil !
    Muito Obrigado Pelo o Melhor dia da Minha Viida
    "Rock in Rio"

  61. matheus penteado- sp

    thank system.. you are the best band in the world.. thanks for the show in Sao Paulo.. please come back to Brazil for more system of a down rock n roll

  62. Ragoca RJ

    Infelizmente meu inglês não permite expressar toda emoção que senti assistindo ao show de vocês! Obrigado pelo melhor show do rock in rio e pela simplicidade! Minha esposa que nem curte rock como eu, adorou o show! Voltem sempre, se possível todo ano!

  63. samya

    thank system !!!! you are the best in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Rafae Rosa

    Tkank you !

    Brazil want system of down in Rock in Rio 2013 !

  65. Sylvio

    Oh right, next time you come here in Brazil, i will not miss!!!

  66. Joyce

    You're always welcome here in Brazil!!!! I thank you so much, October 1st 2011 was the happiest day in my life.. it'll be a honour to have you here again and again!!! WE LOVE YOU , Serj, Daron, Shavo and John!!! *-*

  67. Renata Fernandez


    SOAD ROCKS! The concert was per-fect! I went to Rock in Rio.

    Please come back soon. We'll be anxiously waiting for new songs too.

    I LOVE SOAD! Thanks for coming!

  68. iara -Brasil


  69. iara -Brasil


  70. Fernanda

    Everybody loves you!!!!

  71. Fernanda

    Daron love love love

  72. Renata Toledo - RJ

    Back to RIO!!!

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